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Nano Suratno: Father of Sundanese Music

By: Patrick Durkan Known more popularly as Kang Nano S. this prolific and influential composer did much for Indonesian and more specifically Sundanese (West Java) music...


The Influence of Gamelan on Western Modern Music

By: Patrick Durkan Gamelan is an ancient Indonesian form of music that is still thriving today. Part of the reason for this is the interest the western world has had...

Dasha Logan has been singing as long as she can remember

Dasha Logan: Malaysia’s Multitalented Crossover Jazz Cat

By: Patrick Durkan 24 year old Dasha Logan has been singing professionally for the past 4 years, but fell in love with performing at the age of 4. She was offered...

Mosaik at KLCMF, By: Malaysian Composers Collective

Malaysian Contemporary Composers: New Voices

By: Patrick Durkan Contemporary ‘art’ music based on the classical tradition has seen a resurgence in Malaysia since the turn of the century. Although it existed...

Vietnamese film maker Tran Ahn Hung, By: Yan Liang for

Tran Anh Hung: An introduction to the films of a Vietnamese-French maverick director

By: Patrick Durkan Vietnamese film maker Tran Anh Hung has a European arthouse aesthetic and philosophy which he applies to East Asian settings and characters. This...

The Tielman Brothers

R.I.P Andy Tielman…The Tielman Brothers: Rock n’ Roll Legends Lose a Brother

By: Patrick Durkan Andy Tielman died this Thursday (10-11-2011) of gastric cancer. Andy formed a quarter of the legendary Indorock band the Tielman Brothers. Known more...

banner dewa ruci

Dewa Ruci Comes to Groningen: an Indonesian Myth Crossing Borders

By: Patrick Durkan The scene: late May, at a 13th century church in a small rural village in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. The project: a cross-cultural...