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Nano Suratno: Father of Sundanese Music

By: Patrick Durkan Known more popularly as Kang Nano S. this prolific and influential composer did much for Indonesian and more specifically Sundanese (West Java) music...


The Influence of Gamelan on Western Modern Music

By: Patrick Durkan Gamelan is an ancient Indonesian form of music that is still thriving today. Part of the reason for this is the interest the western world has had...

Ari Lasso

Indonesian Popular Music. A History

By: Chandra Drews and Emma Kwee Indonesia has a rich culture of music that sadly often goes unappreciated overseas or even (more sadly) at home. This article...


Gamelan, a true Indonesian invention!

By: Chandra Drews Gamelan: A Distinctly Indonesian Thing Mention ‘Indonesian Music’ to most folks in the Western hemisphere (or anywhere else come to that) and...

How to Capture the Artefacts by Hafitz Maulana

Introduction to Solo: the Online Solo Travel Guide!

By: Umi Lestari As an eternal rival of Yogyakarta, Solo or Surakarta is arguably the epicenter of Javanese identity and tradition along with Yogyakarta. Both cities...

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Dewa Ruci Comes to Groningen: an Indonesian Myth Crossing Borders

By: Patrick Durkan The scene: late May, at a 13th century church in a small rural village in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. The project: a cross-cultural...

Sungkono sisters piano duo

The Distance between Jakarta & Berlin: 0 Kilometers!

By: Emma Kwee Jakarta and Berlin, what do these two cities have in common? Except for the fact that they are both capital cities there’s not much that seems to...