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Kaki lima, five feet, food for all, By: Ed Caffin

Five Things to Love about Kaki Lima

By: Ed Caffin Not everybody loves them. The Indonesian mobile food-cart, the kaki lima has an infamous reputation. Most people find them annoying and claim they...

Alternative Travel: Sumbawa by Motorbike

Sumbawa by Motorbike

By: Ed Caffin Apart from the legendary surfspots at Maluk and Lakey Peak, few see more of Sumbawa. Mostly, it is only observed from behind the window of a bus,...

Better to Hell than be colonized again written on train in Indonesia

70 years of Indonesian Independence

Ed Caffin explores the long struggle for Indonesian independence and the bleak role the Dutch colonizers played in this process.On August 17, 1945 Indonesia declared...

Indonesian Rupiah notes: colorful & with a lot of zeros!

The Indonesian Rupiah: Money with Character & a lot of Zeros

By: Ed Caffin Indonesian money surely isn’t the most practical. Most people carry many notes around in their wallets, because even for the smallest purchase,...

Design on Bali, Less is more?

Design on Bali: Less is More

By: Ed Caffin, first published on Jakarta Expat Keeping up with the latest contemporary trends, architectural design on Bali is of course all about minimalism. Or at...

Ternate Indonesia

Ternate: Snacks, Drinks and Karaoke

By: Ed Caffin Ternate, the small but busy island-capital of the North Moluccas, is not a place many travelers linger around for too long. Its remote location and...

Komodoharbour. By: Ed Caffin

Visiting Komodo National Park: into Dragon’s domain

By: Ed Caffin The marvellous Komodo National Park is arguably one of the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia. Located on the edge of the Lesser Sunda...

Lombok map

Beautiful Lombok and its rapid transformation

By: Ed Caffin Lombok, nestled between Bali and Sumbawa, is a stunningly beautiful island. It consists of green mountains and highlands, lush and fertile lowlands and...

timor leste flag

Timor Leste: a Country Colonized and Neglected

By: Ed Caffin This year, South East Asia’s youngest state celebrated its tenth anniversary. The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste was colonized for centuries,...

Restaurant 'De Poentjak' in The Hague, By: Photocapy

Indo’s and Moluccans in the Netherlands

The Dutch population counts approximately 16,5 million people. Roughly 1 million are from Indonesian descent. Most of them Indo-Europeans and Moluccans who have lived...