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Old Fashioned Charity

By: Sita van Bemmelen Having worked several years as gender and development consultant in an academic environment in the Netherlands and Jakarta, I came to Bali in 1996...

High school students from Indonesia at the orientation meeting in Yogyakarta in July 2011, prior to their departure

Sita’s stories: Enlarging your teenager’s horizon?

By: Sita van Bemmelen The world is getting smaller every day. This implies that parents may wish to equip their children with the social skills to take full advantage...

The massive billboard of Gerindra, By: Sita van Bemmelen

Sita’s stories: Billboards & Banners on Bali

By: Sita van Bemmelen Indonesia entered a new phase in its existence as a nation in 1998, when President Suharto stepped down as the result of massive protests...

Sita, Oka and daughters Bika (left) and Amba (right)

Cross-Cultural Couples: Sita and Oka

By: Emma Kwee Time for another addition to our ever growing ‘family’ of cross-cultural couples. Read about the other cross-cultural couples that shared their story....

On the way to the setra, By: Sita van Bemmelen

The Unsettling Proximity of Death on Bali: Fierce Fire and Cool Bones

By: Sita van Bemmelen The first time I witnessed a ritual washing of the corpse, it was a rather confrontational experience. However, that was not the only time, I...

The bed with closed curtains, By: Sita van Bemmelen

The Unsettling Proximity of Death on Bali: The Ritual Washing of the Corpse

By: Sita van Bemmelen Death is a neat affair in the Netherlands, the country where I come from. The only and last relative that I have seen laid in state at home was...