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The Enchanting Wae Rebo by Lara Shati

Flores Island of Flowers

By: Reyhard Matheos Have you ever imagined living in a house with more than 6 families? Seems a bit crowded and uncomfortable right? Yet, the traditional Manggaraian...


The Temple of Christ and the Sugar Factory: A Javanese Jesus

By: Reyhard Matheos Jesus never set foot on Java. At least, there’s no mention of him doing so in the bible. Yet, only 20 kilometers from Yogyakarta in a small village...

House of Raminten, Drag queen Hamzah on the table, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

The House of Raminten

By: Reyhard Matheos The ingredients that make Yogyakarta restaurant House of Raminten such a succes, are manifold: the place is owned by a Drag Queen, traditional...

logo sunbears Kalimantan

Sungai Wain Protection Forest: Sun Bears find New Home In East Borneo

Only a few kilometers away from the busy seaport city of Balikpapan, Sungai Wain Protection Forest is home to Malayan sun bears (Helarctos Malayanus), the smallest bear...

Ngatinem in her shop, By: Reyhard Matheos

Post Merapi Eruption: New Hope & a New Tourist Attraction in Yogya

By: Reyhard Matheos Ngatinem, a middle aged women, waved to us to visit her small bamboo made “warung” that sells bottled water, jaddah tempe (a traditional local...

Grilled Fish With Dabu Dabu Sambal

So You Think It’s Hot? A Hotlist of Favorite Manado Recipes!

By: Reyhard Matheos Manadonese are a proud people and one thing they are proud of is their very very hot food.  Whenever they cook fish, pork, bat, dogs (yes it’s...


The Forgotten Love Story of Cangke Island

By: Reyhard Matheos Do you still remember the Hollywood movie Blue lagoon? The film tells the story of two young children marooned on a tropical island paradise in the...


A Tale of Sand: A Hidden Ecological Struggle in Yogyakarta

By: Reyhard Matheos Sand defines the life story of those who live along Kulon Progo's southern shoreline. Up to the present day, this sand has nourished thousands of...