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Flores Island of Flowers

By: Reyhard Matheos Have you ever imagined living in a house with more than 6 families? Seems a bit crowded and uncomfortable right? Yet, the traditional Manggaraian...

The hidden beauty of Flores awaits you

Finally: Flores Highlights

By: Asian Way Are you looking for unspoiled nature, authentic culture and quiet beaches? Explore the hidden beauty of the Lesser Sunda Islands! Discover the flower of...

Komodoharbour. By: Ed Caffin

Visiting Komodo National Park: into Dragon’s domain

By: Ed Caffin The marvellous Komodo National Park is arguably one of the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia. Located on the edge of the Lesser Sunda...

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Andre Graf: a French hot air balloonist turned dedicated well digger on Sumba

By: Jacobus E. Lato Most stories on the Indonesian island of Sumba tell of local kids proudly riding Sandalwoods, the well-known Sumba bred horses across savannas and...