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twice bar bali, rock club

Bali Nightlife: Our Hotlist of Night Clubs in Kuta

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is widely known as Indonesia’s party capital. Clubs, pubs and beachside restaurants open til late (some never close) and usually have...

House of Raminten, Drag queen Hamzah on the table, By: Paksi Sandang Prabowo

The House of Raminten

By: Reyhard Matheos The ingredients that make Yogyakarta restaurant House of Raminten such a succes, are manifold: the place is owned by a Drag Queen, traditional...

Decapitation in Har Par Villa, By: John Solomon

Singapore’s Har Par Villa: The strangest Tourist Attraction in Singapore

By: John Solomon Quite possibly one of the strangest visitor attractions in Singapore, Har Par Villa stands as a relic from a much older period in the island’s...

The quaint canal running through Melacca, By: Gabrielle Yetter

Melacca: from Chinese Rice Balls to Twinkling Trishaws

By: Gabrielle Yetter There aren’t many places I know where you can stand under the lacquered gable of a ancient Chinese temple and hear the echoing drone of a...

Pork and Rice, By: Abigail Gilbert

Food Adventures on Cambodia’s Streets

By: Abigail Gilbert Breakfast porridge, deep fried insects and fertilized eggs - there’s plenty to discover in Cambodian street food. On a budget or like to eat...

Total relaxation in Kep, By: Gabrielle Yetter

Crabs, Jungles & Massages on the Beach: Kep, a Languorous Cambodian Hideaway

By: Gabrielle Yetter Want to relax after exploring the temples and cities around Cambodia? Visit the seaside town of Kep where you can do nothing, and enjoy it! What...

The ION Shopping Mall on Orchard Road, By: William Cho

Orchard Road: Singapore’s most Famous Shopping Street

By: Cher Tan The famous main shopping street in Singapore, Orchard Road can be considered Singapore’s pride and joy. Emblematic of how Singapore got its reputation...

Ngatinem in her shop, By: Reyhard Matheos

Post Merapi Eruption: New Hope & a New Tourist Attraction in Yogya

By: Reyhard Matheos Ngatinem, a middle aged women, waved to us to visit her small bamboo made “warung” that sells bottled water, jaddah tempe (a traditional local...

Getting married by the Angkor Wat, By: Willem van Gent

Cambodia Highlights

By: Willem van Gent Our ―and most visitors’ ― first destination in Cambodia is Angkor Wat, the famous temple complex. It is advisable to buy a three day-ticket, ...

The front room of Karang Aji Villa

A trip to Karang Aji, or, my rocky journey to the waters

By: Beatrice In the first pages of what is considered by many to be a classic American work of fiction, Herman Melville elaborated on the human race’s eternal love...