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Ari Lasso

Indonesian Popular Music. A History

By: Chandra Drews and Emma Kwee Indonesia has a rich culture of music that sadly often goes unappreciated overseas or even (more sadly) at home. This article...

Bar Jakarta

Jakarta at Sundown: Explore Jakarta by Night

By: Chandra Drews Nightclubs & Cafes in Jakarta After-hours. You can say many things about Jakarta, but not that it's dull! Check out this top 5 Jakarta Nightlife...

bumbu desa

Jakarta Insider Tips

By: Ario Triwibowo As the most populous place in Southeast Asia, Jakarta is a bustling and a chaotic city that can easily overwhelm visitors. Being Indonesia’s ...

twice bar bali, rock club

Bali Nightlife: Our Hotlist of Night Clubs in Kuta

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is widely known as Indonesia’s party capital. Clubs, pubs and beachside restaurants open til late (some never close) and usually have...

brewerkz Singapore

Nightlife in Singapore

By: Shazanah Put together an authoritarian government, repressed people, a highly competitive, capitalistic system, lots of money and what do you get? Oddly enough, a...


DJ School

By: Andre Syahreza Jakarta’s club scene is booming. Everyone wants to hear the funkiest sounds and be seen on the hottest dance floors. Andre Syahreza, arbiter of...