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Surfboards for rent on Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

The Best Surfing Spots in Bali: A Top 5 from Beginners to Pro Surfers

By: Prima Ayu Bali is not just a tropical getaway and a honeymoon hotspot, it’s also a paradise for surfers! Bali and the surrounding islands have some great...

Tattooed backs at a ceremony, By: Rollan Budi

Get Inked: Kuta Tattoo Guide

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is a place where you can fulfil any desire, featuring the perfect holiday combination of beach life and entertainment. Kuta is the hotspot...

Punk & Rockabilly in Bali: Slick Ricks having a good time

By: Prima Ayu Walking around the busy streets of Bali at night time you may run into the occasional slick mohawked youth dressed like Johnny Cash or Elvis. The...

twice bar bali, rock club

Bali Nightlife: Our Hotlist of Night Clubs in Kuta

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is widely known as Indonesia’s party capital. Clubs, pubs and beachside restaurants open til late (some never close) and usually have...

A portrait of the Princess of Ubud, By: Sandi Tatto

“Ngaben,” the Balinese Cremation Ceremony of the Empress of Ubud

By: Prima Ayu Anak Agung Niang Rai died on 14 May 2011 due to complications of diabetes and a stroke. She was the third wife of the king of Ubud, Tjokorda Gde Agung...