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Podcast: Indo-American life (1)

Jane Vogel was born on July 18, 1953 in Jakarta. Her parents were of Indo-European origin. After World War Two the family wanted to go to America. But the US ban on Asian immigrants resulted in a forced stay of almost six years in the Netherlands. Here Jane spent her childhood in The Hague until they were allowed to go to Milwaukee (Wisconsin) in 1960, where the church sponsor was located. Eventually they moved further to Oregon. Jane studied psychology and started a practice after her PhD. Among other things, she helped Vietnam veterans who suffered from PTSD. But also Indo-European emigrants, about whom she says that they actually have a layered trauma: caused by war,  bersiap and from emigration to a country that was not open to ‘brown’ people. In a few episodes, Jane tells the story of her stay in the Netherlands, her departure to America and the process of integration in a new society. But she also discusses what she calls ‘multi-layered trauma’ and how psychosocial care can deal with it. This is the first episode of ‘Indisch inburgeren in Amerika’. Listen to de Indische Podcast here

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