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ubud writers and readers festival discussion

The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival: First Impressions

By: Emma Kwee The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival is a yearly event that brings pen handlers, readers and critics from all over the world to Bali. Arriving in Ubud,...

Lady Charlotta, By: Ikbal Hidayat

Photography in Indonesia – What’s Going On Now

By: Dalih Sembiring In this third part of our series on photography in Indonesia, we turn to the present. We interviewed two professional photographers to see what makes...

A yamate

“Sticks & Stones won’t Break my Bones “- the eco in Kamoro Art

By: Jina Muller, published in Jakarta Expat Long and heavy it lies on the wet morning grass, the dew licking its undersides. Young sunlight grazes its skin. Carvings...

Photographing a photographer, By: Dalih Sembiring

Photography in Indonesia – Modern Times

By: Dalih Sembiring This is the second installment of our photography in Indonesia series. In this series, we look at photography in Indonesia, a phenomenon that has...

poster asian hot shots

Asian Hot Shots Berlin: Berlin’s most exciting Asian film festival!

Asian Hot Shots 2011: September 9th-11th at Berlin's Moviemento "Berlin's most exciting Asian film festival"! Since its inauguration in 2008 Asian Hot Shots Berlin...

Gerard Mosterd

A Javanese version of Stravinsky’s a Soldier’s Tale and Loevendie’s the Nightingale

Written by Stravinsky for a group of poor, unemployed artists and musicians during the crisis just after the first world war. Complex and dynamic music such as that...

A Separation

World Cinema Amsterdam Festival 2011

This summer the second edition of World Cinema Amsterdam will take place from 10 - 21 August 2011: a festival that celebrates the many exceptional films made in...

Retel Helmrich

Eye of the Day, Shape of the Moon & Position among the Stars: a beautiful trilogy

By: Ed Caffin This year Leonard Retel Helmrich completed his sweeping documentary-trilogy about an Indonesian family in a Jakarta slum. In Position among the Stars...