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Graffiti Indonesia: Tuyuloveme? Yes we do!

A short History of Graffiti in Indonesia

By: Riksa Afiaty Letter-based writing appeared on the streets of Indonesia over forty years ago and has ever since evolved into several disciplines. While graffiti...

Some of the postcards for the president - doc CtP

Brace Yourself, SBY, a Sack of Postcards is Coming

By: Reza Daffi In the award-winning clay-animated film Mary and Max, the two main characters find a best friend in each other through letters. Mary Daisy Dinkle and...

Eric Clark Su

PicLyf, a Filipino photo-based social network

By: Jesse Boga Is PicLyf something I’d want to add to my social networking routine? Yes. This Filipino-made photo-based social networking site has all kinds of...

Launch of the Blackberry Torch 9800 in KL, 1st in Asia Pacific, By: Sham Hardy

Online Journalism in Southeast Asia

By: Latitudes Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing online markets worldwide! Internet access and speed differ widely, ranging from Singapore with its ...

Punk & Rockabilly in Bali: Slick Ricks having a good time

By: Prima Ayu Walking around the busy streets of Bali at night time you may run into the occasional slick mohawked youth dressed like Johnny Cash or Elvis. The...