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East Java map

Introduction to East Java

By: Emma Kwee East Java (Java Timur in Bahasa Indonesia) is the easternmost part of the island of Java. it includes the island of Madura and some other smaller...

West Java map

Introduction to West Java

By: Emma Kwee West Java is the most populated province in Indonesia, with over 43 million inhabitants. The capital Bandung is the third largest city in the...

Gunung Sewu in Central Java

Magic Mountain: One Man’s Mission to Save Gunung Sewu Through Ecotourism

By: Monica Dominguez “Do you mind if I draw on your map?” Agung Setyobudi makes a huge brown streak across my Yogyakarta map, showing me the area the Gunungsewu...

Bromo-East-Java-Indonesia-Dhanni Daelami

Kasada, a Celebration Involving a Volcano & lots of People Throwing Stuff in it!

By: Jack Lato People are divided into two categories in regards to their position in time. People that hang on to the past and those that live for the future; the first...

A reconstruction of the mysterious Java Man

Introduction to Central Java

By: Abmi Handayani Central Java is full of mysterious enchantment. This province is sandwiched between the more populous West and East Java provinces. Semarang is its...