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Hotel Tulips a good mid-range hotel in Yogyakarta

Mid-Range Hotels in Yogyakarta, Our Top Picks

By: Monica Dominguez Accommodations keep popping up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as more and more international and local travelers explore this wonderful city. Luckily...

The picturesque beach of Ngandong, By: Dorothea Gecella Putri Lestari

Yogya’s Southern Beaches

By: Sri Rahmawati & Vatsya Mallayana Photos by: Dorothea Gecella Putri Lestari 8 a.m. and we started our trip to explore some beaches in Gunung Kidul, the most...

A seller pushing his food cart, By: Dalih Sembiring

Yogyakarta places to be

By: Labodalih Sembiring Want to make the best of your final days in Yogyakarta after having visited all of its major attractions? Check out these five favorite...

Jamu Cekok, open for service

Crying and Curing: A Photo Essay on Jamu Cekok (Traditional Medicines) in Yogya

Photos and story by: Nico Haryono In the very early morning, a woman is mixing and putting ingredients into a piece of cloth.  Several mothers and their children sit...

Ledjar's puppets come to life in this workshop, By: Sita Magfira

Ledjar Subroto: The Story of a Yogya-based Puppeteer & a Small but Smart Deer

By: Sita Magfira “Come in. Take a seat, please!” a white-haired man told me after I came in to Ledjar’s house. Ledjar is Yogyakarta-based puppeteer. Located in...

Some of the postcards for the president - doc CtP

Brace Yourself, SBY, a Sack of Postcards is Coming

By: Reza Daffi In the award-winning clay-animated film Mary and Max, the two main characters find a best friend in each other through letters. Mary Daisy Dinkle and...

The ubiquitous pile of trash in Yogya, By: Monica Dominguez

Tired of Trash in Yogyakarta: “Let’s Do It Yogya!” Wants to Clean-Up for Good

By: Monica Dominguez If you have ever visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you may have seen the plethora of art, music and traditional Javanese culture coloring every...

Setia Kawan Losmen, Hostel Yogyakarta

Budget Hotels & Hostels in Yogyakarta

By: Monica Dominguez Accommodations keep popping up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as more and more travelers flock to this wonderful destination on the island of Java....

Schoolchildren at the Borobudur, By: Ogi Fran

Borobudur: the Largest Buddhist Temple in the World

By: Labodalih Sembiring The Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It took approxiamtely 75 years to build and stems from the Syailendra dynasty in the...

Cap Gomeh dragon dance at Imlek

New Year Celebrations x3 in Jogja, true tolerance & fire crackers

By: Reza Daffi Together with the rest of the world, Jogja just celebrated the coming of 2011. People thronged the streets and public spots with friends and family....