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Hotel Tulips a good mid-range hotel in Yogyakarta

Mid-Range Hotels in Yogyakarta, Our Top Picks

By: Monica Dominguez Accommodations keep popping up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as more and more international and local travelers explore this wonderful city. Luckily...

A seller pushing his food cart, By: Dalih Sembiring

Yogyakarta places to be

By: Labodalih Sembiring Want to make the best of your final days in Yogyakarta after having visited all of its major attractions? Check out these five favorite...

Toxic Tattoo Yogyakarta, By: Astrid Reza

Got Ink? Yogyakarta Tattoo Guide

By: Astrid Reza Indonesia has a long history in tattoo cultures and traditions. The Mentawai tribe, who refer to tattoos as titi, are considered to have the oldest...

Schoolchildren at the Borobudur, By: Ogi Fran

Borobudur: the Largest Buddhist Temple in the World

By: Labodalih Sembiring The Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It took approxiamtely 75 years to build and stems from the Syailendra dynasty in the...