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The Burung Manyar Foundation

By: Gerard Nass

Kamal, Ratna and Osa

Ary Krisnawati from Yogyakarta started her own tailor’s workshop. Muhammad from Bandung finished his law study, found a job in Jakarta, married and became the father of a son. Kamal Arafat regained his energy and love of life, started selling motorbikes, married and became the father of a daughter. Without the Burung Manyar Foundation this would have been impossible. This foundation supports kidney patients in Indonesia, in particular those with a donor kidney.

A kidney transplant offers patients freedom and a return to normal social life. They no longer need to travel three days a week to a clinic for dialysis. Their worries seem to be over. But they still need expensive medication daily to avoid rejection of the transplanted kidney. Unfortunately, a health insurance that reimburses the cost of the medicine, as there is, for example in the Netherlands, does not exist in Indonesia. Patients make great debts to pay for a kidney transplant. After that, each day is filled with worry how to cover the medication costs.

The Burung Manyar Foundation adopts kidney transplant patients in Indonesia such as Ary, Muhammad and Kamal. Burung Manyar administers a fund from which anti-rejection medicines are paid for patients with a transplanted kidney. This assistance is in principle a lifelong investment. With help from donors and sponsors, Burung Manyar hopes to guarantee this support by an increasing fund for as many patients as possible. Hereto, a continuity reserve is built and an administration plan drafted, which is adjusted to changing circumstances yearly on 1st January.

‘We invite you to participate in the life of a patient in order to safeguard and improve the quality of that life’

A normal life

Muhammad, Fitri and Rasya

We invite you to participate in the life of a patient in order to safeguard and improve the quality of that life. Support our work in general or adopt a patient and grant him or her one or more years to live.  A patient needs on average € 4848,- a year to cover the cost of medication.

Ary Krisnawati received a kidney donated by her father. Unfortunately, this kidney functions poorly because of infections after the transplant. Consequently, she needs haemodialysis twice a week. Ary encounters some unpleasant side effects of her illness, such as osteoporosis. Her health insurance pays partly for the dialysis, but not for the medicines. Muhammad’ s sister donated her kidney. He now works at BPK (the Indonesian Audit). His civil servants insurance does not pay for the medicines. Kamal Arafat’s family’s property was spent on his transplant and medication. There was no prospect left. Burung Manyar’s medicine help gave his life a positive turn.

In order to pay for the necessary medicines, Burung Manyar needs regular supporters, donating a firm monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution. If this contribution is laid down for five years in a certificate, supporters are entitled to tax reduction. A donation may be general or earmarked for a specific patient. We need clubs, societies, business associations or organizations to financially adopt a patient completely or largely. We need companies, organizations or funds to help us balance the yearly budget and expand the continuity reserve.

Other activities

Once every two years a working visit is paid, during which a board member maintains the contacts with patients, doctors, advisors and intermediaries. The medicines for the next period are supplied or, if necessary, financial arrangements are made for the patients to acquire them. Pronounced or not, patients often need moral support. Burung Manyar provides it by regular e-mail correspondence in the Indonesian language, and in person during working visits. We supply as much information as possible to all patients by publishing magazines for kidney patients on our website, for everyone to read. We also participate in patients panels on Facebook. Specific questions via the contactform on our website are answered by the Indonesian and Dutch nephrologists advising us.  Burung Manyar supports initiatives in Indonesia to improve the situation of kidney patients as much as possible. To this end, we cooperate with organizations like Yayasan Ginjal Diatrans Indonesia. A mutual project to create a directory ‘Living with Kidney Failure’ is in progress.

Other information

Ary and family

Burung Manyar is a small-scale foundation, directly aiming at the target group. The administration consists of three members and is supported by co-workers, intermediaries and advisors. These are among others the patients’ medical specialists, with whom Burung Manyar co-operates closely. Everyone works on a voluntary basis; there are no fees or compensation of expenses. Thus the administration costs are very low. In 2012 99,2% of the yearly income was spent to the benefit of the target group: the patients. The work of the Foundation is reported in two newsletters a year and an annual financial account. Sponsors receive a yearly report on how the donated amount is spent.In 2012, the Burung Manyar Foundation was placed second in a list of top 50 charity organizations in an investigation by the Dutch newspaper Trouw, as most effective both in the categories General Aid and International Aid. The organisations were tested by Trouw newspaper on approximately twenty aspects, including transparency, organisation, activities, attainment of objectives and quality of the website.

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