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Hotel Kedaton, modest price for starred hotel facilities

Where to Stay in Bandung?

By: Emma Kwee The list of Hotels in Bandung is endless. There’s plenty of choice, but picking the right one for your stay is not an easy task. Business or pleasure,...

The front room of Karang Aji Villa

A trip to Karang Aji, or, my rocky journey to the waters

By: Beatrice In the first pages of what is considered by many to be a classic American work of fiction, Herman Melville elaborated on the human race’s eternal love...

A reconstruction of the mysterious Java Man

Introduction to Central Java

By: Abmi Handayani Central Java is full of mysterious enchantment. This province is sandwiched between the more populous West and East Java provinces. Semarang is its...

Toxic Tattoo Yogyakarta, By: Astrid Reza

Got Ink? Yogyakarta Tattoo Guide

By: Astrid Reza Indonesia has a long history in tattoo cultures and traditions. The Mentawai tribe, who refer to tattoos as titi, are considered to have the oldest...

Schoolchildren at the Borobudur, By: Ogi Fran

Borobudur: the Largest Buddhist Temple in the World

By: Labodalih Sembiring The Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It took approxiamtely 75 years to build and stems from the Syailendra dynasty in the...