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Waria's on the street, By: Terje Toomitsu

Waria: The Lives, Struggles & Issues Raised by Yogyakarta’s Transgender Community

By: Monica Dominguez If you decide to romp the late night streets of Yogyakarta, you might encounter one of the area’s 350 waria performing in the streets, ...

balinale 2011 bali film festival

Balinale Film Festival 15-20 November 2011

BALINALE International Film Festival was established in 2007 by Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation, founded by Christine Hakim, Indonesia's internationally recognized...

poster asian hot shots

Asian Hot Shots Berlin: Berlin’s most exciting Asian film festival!

Asian Hot Shots 2011: September 9th-11th at Berlin's Moviemento "Berlin's most exciting Asian film festival"! Since its inauguration in 2008 Asian Hot Shots Berlin...

Ice Coffee a la Cambodia, By: Abigail Gilbert

Bali: Island of the Dogs

By: Yvette Benningshof First time visitors to Bali are often astonished by the amount of dogs on the island. With the slogan ‘Bali: Island of the Gods’ still ...

Payung by Agung Sentausa

Belkibolang: Indonesian Independent Art Cinema Grown Full Force

By: Ari Purnama Belkibolang (short for ‘Belok kiri boleh langsung’ [Indonesian for “turn left directly”]) is an omnibus of nine short films put together by...

A Separation

World Cinema Amsterdam Festival 2011

This summer the second edition of World Cinema Amsterdam will take place from 10 - 21 August 2011: a festival that celebrates the many exceptional films made in...

Retel Helmrich

Eye of the Day, Shape of the Moon & Position among the Stars: a beautiful trilogy

By: Ed Caffin This year Leonard Retel Helmrich completed his sweeping documentary-trilogy about an Indonesian family in a Jakarta slum. In Position among the Stars...

Festival of Discoveries – Jakarta Berlin Arts Festival

German-Indonesian culture festival from 25th June 2011 until 3rd July 2011 in Berlin Under the patronage of Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Jakarta’s...


Multatuli’s Max Havelaar: Who is more Corrupt?

By: Ari Purnama Revisiting Multatuli’s Max Havelaar through its Cinematic Adaptation: A Review of Max Havelaar (Film) Max Havelaar of de koffieveilingen der...