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Sacred Places in Indonesia

This is a unique and very exclusive Portfolio Set of 10 pin-hole photographs by renown Japanese artist Yasu Suzuka who traveled many times to various places considered...

Book on Chinese Temples in Indonesia

The reader may enjoy the broad introduction to historical backgrounds, Chinese travel and migration in Asia and the Indonesian Archipelago, the Chinese system of belief,...

Southern palace Wat Phu, By: Isaac Olson

Wat Phu Champasak, an Ancient Journey up a Mountainside

By: Isaac Olson It's 41 degrees, dusty, dry, no clouds, the midday sun is scorching my head and I can feel it cooking my skin beyond a desirable tan to a crispy burn....

Vesak or Waisak is often reffered to as Buddha's Birthday, By: Putri Fitria

Vesak/Waisak: Contemplation & Self-Reflection on ‘Buddha’s Birthday’

By: Putri Fitria Vesak, or Waisak is a big day in Buddhism. At the Borobudur Temple, in central Java the Vesak celebrations attract thousands of visitors, most but not...

View of Luang Prabang, By: Simon Asia

Luang Prabang: Temples, Colonial Heritage, & More

By: Maya Liem Luang Prabang. The city with a magical sounding name, which literally means 'Royal Buddha Image,' is an elegant place in north central Laos. The city is...