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Pabean Market in Surabaya

Pabean Market

Pabean Passage Surabaya

by Anton Gautama For over a century, the Pabean Market has been the center of of the spice trade in the agrarian Indonesian province of East Java. The sweet smell of...

Surabaya Beat

Indonesia is the country with the biggest fleet in the world. No other place on earth has more islands, boats and ships. Afterhours Books will present with its...

Corolla DX lovers in Indonesia

By: Andri Permana Indonesia has thousands and even millions of communities that are formed from a common, a concern, a love-a-thing, even from differences. Some of those...

East Java map

Introduction to East Java

By: Emma Kwee East Java (Java Timur in Bahasa Indonesia) is the easternmost part of the island of Java. it includes the island of Madura and some other smaller...

Dolly by day, just another Indonesian street

Dolly: Faith & Prostitution in Surabaya

By: Jacobus E. Lato The nightfall shields the day and transforms it in different ways, particularly in Dolly, Surabaya. In an approximately 5 meter wide 150 meter...