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Idul Fitri 2011

Happy Idul Fitri Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. May these joyous days bring happiness for you and your family.

By: Jack Lato & Emma Kwee Idul Fitri is the most important day on the Islamic calendar. Cleansed and a few pounds lighter, millions of Indonesians return home...

Dressed for Idul Fitri, By: Syazana Nur

Ramadhan & Idul Fitri

By: Syazana Nur Ramadhan is not only a community binding ritual, it is also a personal journey. In this article Syazana from Malaysia shares her childhood memories...

Agustini Lebaran

“What will you do during Lebaran?”

By: Rani Yunus Ramadhan ends tomorrow and the upcoming Idul Fitri end-of-fasting month  — in Indonesia known as Lebaran, will last two days. The whole nation begins...

sweet potato and corn pudding

Sweet potatoe and Corn Pudding

By: Erna Dyanty Ramadhan is the month that families come together to break the  fasting. It is also during this time, recipes are shared between mothers and daughters....

Ramadhan and the sharing of love in my neighborhood

By: Jack Lato Ramadhan comes, inspires and changes my neighborhood. Several days before the holy day, my Muslim neighbors exchanged foods and snacks with each other,...