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Fashion Show on Lombok

Kementerian Pariwisata menggelar fashion show dengan menggandeng perancang busana Samuel Wattimena, desainer perhiasan mutiara Riana Meilia, dan dua pengrajin tas ketak...

Salty water, travels in Lombok

Our journey from Denpasar started early: we checked in for the first Merpati flight to Mataram, Lombok at 6am. We took off within an hour in a small propeller plane and...

Bayu Bay, Penang, By: Hilmi Z Othman

Splendid Isolation: Southeast Asia’s most Alluring Islands

By: Simon Hare & Emma Kwee As a Brit, a love of island life is in my DNA and like many of my fellow countrymen I was brought up on island holidays: The Isle of...

Lombok map

Beautiful Lombok and its rapid transformation

By: Ed Caffin Lombok, nestled between Bali and Sumbawa, is a stunningly beautiful island. It consists of green mountains and highlands, lush and fertile lowlands and...

From afar, the crater of Rinjani looks beautiful and unspoiled, By: Angela Richardson

The Rinjani [Rubbish] Trail: How Lombok’s Majestic Rinjani is Covered in Mountains of Litter!

By: Hush Petersen, published in Jakarta Expat The naturalist John Muir is credited with a quote most mountain climbers have memorised and tend to recite after a few...