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Fashion Show on Lombok

Kementerian Pariwisata menggelar fashion show dengan menggandeng perancang busana Samuel Wattimena, desainer perhiasan mutiara Riana Meilia, dan dua pengrajin tas ketak...

Cary Santiago

Master of Philippine Couture

Cary Santiago, otherwise known as the Master of Philippine Couture, will be traveling to key cities in the Philippines during the holidays to celebrate 25 years of his...

Indonesian Batik "a Living Heritage"

Indonesian Batik: A living Heritage, Jakarta & Solo

On January 25th, 2012 the exhibition "Indonesian Batik: A living Heritage" opens its doors for Batik enthusiasts at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta. Galeri Nasional Jl....

Filipino fashion designer Jun Artajo

Jun Rodino Artajo: Filippino Fashion Designer Steals the Show

By: Jesse Pizarro Boga He’s a fashion blogger when he’s facing his computer. He’s an active user when he’s trigger happy with his camera. He’s a...

Home production of batik in Lasem, By: Labodalih Sembiring

Reintroducing Lasem’s Brilliant Batik

By: Labodalih Sembiring Batik is a cloth with distinct local and traditional patterns, created by a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. UNESCO designated Indonesian...

Risma working

Rismakill Drama Darkcloth: Indonesian D.I.Y. Fetish/Punk/Gothic Clothes & Corsets

By: Monica Dominguez D.I.Y. in Indonesia, a National Attitude Indonesia is laced with a D.I.Y. ‘Do It Yourself’ mentality. If your motorcycle breaks, you buy the...

Tex Saverio

Fashion Forward, Indonesia’s Tex Saverio Turns Fabric to Gold

By: Emma Kwee Indonesian fashion designer Tex Saverio set the stage during the 2010 Jakarta Fashion Week. His designs, reminiscent of Alaxander MC Queen’s avant...