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Seametry Children’s Village

Seametry, a Dream School for Village Children in Cambodia: Muoy You Comes Full Circle

By: Gabrielle Yetter January is Indo-China month at Latitudes. Forty years ago, Muoy You’s pursuit of a quality education in France saved her life. Today, she wants...

High school students from Indonesia at the orientation meeting in Yogyakarta in July 2011, prior to their departure

Sita’s stories: Enlarging your teenager’s horizon?

By: Sita van Bemmelen The world is getting smaller every day. This implies that parents may wish to equip their children with the social skills to take full advantage...

Picking tea Java

The Java Village Foundation

The Java Village Foundation supports women and children in desa Cisarua, Indonesia, helping them to break the circle of poverty and to build a brighter future for...

Cikananga Animal Rescue Center, Where Nature’s Orchestra Calls

By: Kafil Yamin School students may have known Indonesia’s endemic cute animals such as the orangutan, the Javanese eagle, rhinos, from books or magazines, but have...

GKR Hemas at an exhibition showcasing products made by Yogya & Central Java kids, By: Riksa Afiaty

Toward Indonesian Children’s Awareness for Diversity

By: Labodalih Sembiring Indonesian children today face a greater challenge than ever. We do still have street children, children who cannot continue their education,...

Logo Tileng Foundation

The Tileng Foundation

The Tileng Foundation’s mission is to improve living conditions in the villages Imogiri, Baturraden and, of course, Tileng on the island of Java in Indonesia. It...

Young and Old, Ground beneath me feet, By: Tino Djumini

Study Group Photography: The Story behind the Image

Study group Photography and New Media by Tino Djumini Spotlight Media and Cemara 6 Art Gallery in Jakarta, in cooperation with Latitudes, organize a study group ...

meraih bintang

The Meraih Bintang Foundation

In the West, going to school is one of the most natural things in a child's life, but in Indonesia this is not the case. Children are kept home for many reasons but...