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Young and Old, Ground beneath me feet, By: Tino Djumini

Study Group Photography: The Story behind the Image

Study group Photography and New Media by Tino Djumini

A Daguerreotype Camera
A Daguerreotype Camera

Spotlight Media and Cemara 6 Art Gallery in Jakarta, in cooperation with Latitudes, organize a study group photography! In this study group  the basics and practice of photography and new media are presented to beginners and advanced photographers. The idea and concept behind the image and the engagement with the subject are the main areas of the courses.

We start with a short history of photography and how the medium developed over the years, from the analogue camera, pinhole and photogram to the digital SLR that dominates today’s photography practices. The course encompasses a wide range of aspects emphasizing the importance of photography and its ability of changing the way people look at daily life reality.

Start:               May 2012

Location:       Cemara 6 Art Centre

Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto 9-11, Menteng Jakarta

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The courses are provided with the support of specialists in their field, photographers, creative designers and art directors.

Tino was born in Bandung, Indonesia August 22th 1978  though raised in the Netherlands adopted by Dutch parents. After finishing highschool he undertook studies in Dutch law and philosophy at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, before he moved to Arnhem to study at the Academy of Fine Arts .

Young and Old, Ground beneath my feet, By: Tino Djumini

Young and Old, Ground beneath my feet, By: Tino Djumini

Tino graduated cum laude majoring in audiovisual media and photography specialized in black and white. The concept of identity and family life became the centre point in almost all his creative projects that have a strong personal relation with his Indonesian background.

Georgians, a glimpse of daily life, Tino Djumini

Georgians, a glimpse of daily life, By: Tino Djumini

Nice Boy; family portraits of Indonesian youngsters, was the starting point of his career followed by other comprehensive projects like Relatives and Indonesian dreams. Besides his activities as a writer, photographer and creative designer, most of his time is spend on community development projects initiated by Spotlight Centre for New Media.

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