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cinemasia in 't land

CinemAsia Festival Filmtour 14-15 April

By: Yvette Benningshof & Emma Kwee

Did you miss the CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam? Blast! But luckily, CinemAsia is going on tour with a few selected films. Don’t miss your last chance to watch Arisan!2 in The Netherlands, as well as other Indonesian and Chinese films, during the CinemAsia Festival Filmtour.

cinemasia in 't land

Saturday April 14, Rotterdam,

Red Light Revolution

International festival favorite ‘Red Light Revolution’ (China 2010) by Director Sam Voutas is about Shunzi, a hard worker struggling to provide his spouse the life she desires. When he is fired, his wife promptly throws him out. Moving in with his parents, a child friend provides him the business tip that could turn his fortunes around: Open up an adult store. A humorous look at Chinese tradition colliding with modern sexual values, Red Light Revolution is the story of an ordinary man defying all the odds to make it big in China’s newest, most unorthodox industry.

Generation Y (The Netherlands, 2012)

This delightful CinemAsia FilmLAB short film shows a discussion between four successful young women. They were all born and raised in the Netherlands, but have Chinese parents. Their Chinese upbringing with its focus on making career has consequences on their daily life with boyfriends, jobs and family.

Sunday April 15, The Hague

Arisan!2 (Indonesia, 2011)

Flashing Jakarta big city life, the pristine beaches of the Gili’s, socialites, parties, fashion, friendship and romance: you’ll find plenty in ‘Arisan!2’. But there is more to this film than meets the eye. In this Indonesian style ‘Sex and the City,’ controversial topics are tackled with humor and satire in a playful setting. The long awaited sequel of Arisan! (2003) that featured the first homosexual kiss ever in Indonesian Cinema, cheerfully carries on where the first installment left off. To read more about the film and Indonesian director Nia Dinata, read our full review of Arisan!2.

Catatan Harian Si Boy (Indonesia, 2011)

This blockbuster caused a true twitter explosion in Indonesia. The movie is based on the popular Catatan Si Boy tv series from the eighties. The setting is big city Jakarta lifestyle. Satrio who works as a mechanic meets a beautiful girl Natasha who comes from London to visit her mother in the hospital. Natasha finds a diary that her mother keeps with her all the time and together with Satrio she tries to discover who the mysterious owner ‘Boy’ is.

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