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The Raid Film

The Raid: Redemption

By: Andrew Trigg, first published on Jakarta Expat The Raid: Redemption is an Indonesian film like no other. It’s a wildly exciting adrenaline rush of a punch fest...


DIY Bands in Singapore – Who to Look Out For Right Now

By: Cher Tan Like any other cosmopolitan city, Singapore is brimming in its own broth of culture. In the last 5 years, art and music have burgeoned like nothing ...

cinemasia in 't land

CinemAsia Festival Filmtour 14-15 April

By: Yvette Benningshof & Emma Kwee Did you miss the CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam? Blast! But luckily, CinemAsia is going on tour with a few selected films....

Headshot Poster

Headshot: a Buddhist Crime-Noir?

By: Ari Ernesto Purnama A Review of Headshot (Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, 2011) at CinemAsia Film Festival, De Balie 4-8 April, Amsterdam Last Saturday at the CinemAsia film...

Donna Smith and Deborah Gabinetti

ASEAN Film Festival Focuses on Developing Film Industries: ‘Film is business’

By: Yvette Benningshof While outside the streets were buzzing with traffic and guarded transport because of the 19th ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua, inside of Galeria 21...

Mall of Asia, By: Jek Bacarisas

Splurge, Shop & Enjoy Good Steals in Metro Manila

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan The Philippines’ largest city Manila has got a lot to offer, and definitely, great shopping steals are among those that top the list....