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post museum Singapore

The Burgeoning of Art in Singapore

By: Cher Tan

Singapore is going into a new age. With the turn of the ’00s, the state has been slowly embracing art, with the ultimate goal of having Singapore flourish into an arts hub. What used to be a little humdrum and stale before, is changing into a vibrant hotspot, slowly blooming into the cosmopolitan city that Singapore truly is. Nowadays, there is hardly a weekend that goes by without an opening or an exhibition to the taste of art appreciators, wannabe artists or critics. Cher Tan looks at some of the top spots for such purveyance.

post museum Singapore

Exhibition in Post museum Singapore

Post Museum

A ground-up project initiated by Singapore curatorial team p-10, Post Museum saw its birth in 2007. Dubbing themselves as a social enterprise rather than a business, the team who runs the venue aims for it to not only promote the arts but to also connect people, which has been rather successful so far. The marriage of art and activism occur beautifully in this space, with a hodgepodge of happenings every week – from the monthly Really Really Free Market, various political discursive events, to quirky art exhibitions and installations. It also runs as a soup kitchen offering free food for the needy and destitute every Monday. 107/109 Rowell Road, opens 5pm-10pm on weekdays, 12pm-10pm on weekends.

Your Mother Gallery

Located in an interesting setting (a room in the 3rd storey of a living quarters), Your Mother Gallery hopes to provide artists in Singapore an alternative and affordable art space. Opened in 2004 by reputed artist Jeremy Hiah, who dabbles in different fields and has presented his work all over the world, the space is almost like an extension of the man himself, an art project in the midst of other art projects. 91A Hindoo Road, call 63963310 for appointments.

The Substation

The Substation has seen a bit of history, being the 1st independent contemporary arts centre in Singapore. Existing since 1990 after it was opened by the late playwright and arts activist Kuo Pao Kun, it has worked with some of the most critically-acclaimed artists, both locally and around the world. It also presents a wide range of entertainment: from traditionally-trained dancers to local rock bands; local publications to international short film festivals; experimental theater to seminal conferences on Singapore arts and culture. Swing by the centre any day and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the exhibits and events in store. 45 Armenian Street, opens 12pm-9pm.

Lasalle Singapore

Lasalle college of the arts Singapore

LASALLE College of the Arts

A private arts educational institution in Singapore, it is arguably one of the best Singapore has to offer; it is said that the school grooms some of the more interesting artists residing in Singapore. Housing the Praxis Space, Project Space, and the McNally Gallery – named after founder Brother Joseph McNally – on top of 2 theaters, there is a dynamism, which is lending itself to produce some impressive works of art by students (graduating or otherwise) and visiting artists alike. 1 McNally Street, opens 12pm-9pm.

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