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Tepak Tari Festival, Malaysia 2-5 September

Several prominent dance artists and companies from Malaysia will perform unique performances at the Tepak Tari Festival, early September in Kuala Lumpur. Curated by MYDance Alliance director Bilqis Hijas and Sutra Dance Theatre director Datuk Ramli Ibrahim. The Malaysian dance heroes will be alternated by choreographies from renowned artists in the region.

The internationally operating Dutch choreographer, theater maker and, cultural entrepreneur Gerard Mosterd is working in Kuala Lumpur on a duet for star dancers January Low-Siva and Raziman Sarbini.

Long been active in the South East Asian performing arts, Gerard Mosterd has realized over 38 independent dance productions and toured remarkable performances along Asian and Dutch theaters. Usually he works with prominent Asian artists from the performing arts and cinema world. Boi Sakti, Miroto, Eko Supriyanto, Sri Qadariatin, Farida Oetoyo, Teater Garasi, Benny Krisnawardi and Didik Nini Thowok. Recently, he danced and acted in the newest all star feature movie by director Garin Nugroho, Tjokroaminoto, Guru Bangsa. This arthouse film about Islam Sarekat nationalist leader and father-in-law Sukarno. This awards nominated movie premiered last April in Indonesia and will be screened worldwide

Between 3 and 6 September the top of Malaysian dance can be seen at the DBKL theater in the Malaysian capital. The Tepak Tari dance festival, is part of the DiverseCity Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival [

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