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Setia Kawan Losmen, Hostel Yogyakarta

Budget Hotels & Hostels in Yogyakarta

By: Monica Dominguez

Accommodations keep popping up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as more and more travelers flock to this wonderful destination on the island of Java. Luckily there is still a variety of hotels, homestays, inns and hostels in Jogja to meet all your accommodation needs. Hostels are usually called ‘losmen‘ in Indonesia.In a basic hostel, expect a simple bed and bathroom with a bak mandi (a tiled structure or sometimes a large bucket that holds cold water for bathing and/or flushing). Breakfast is sometimes included, but mostly not, so be sure to ask before you check in. You might knock something off the price if you stay for several nights/if it’s low season/if you are a good haggler/the receptionist is in a good mood.

The most popular areas for hostels in Yogyakarta are the Malioboro area in the center of town on Jalan Sosrowijayan, home to the most hotels and backpackers’ delights, and on Jalan Prawirotaman near the kraton and the area around it. If you want to be where the action is, choose Sosrowijayan, if you prefer your peace and quiet, Prawirotaman is your bet. These are a few suggestions for both convenient locations.

Budget Hotels & Hostels in Yogyakarta

Many of the budget hostels in Yogyakarta do not have their own websites, so if you wish to book in advance you can use,, or other such travel sites.

Setia Kawan Losmen, Hostel Yogyakarta

Setia Kawan Losmen

Setia Kawan Losmen: Sosrowijayan Wetan GT I/58A, Yogyakarta 

Description: Setia Kawan Losmen is an interesting and unique place to lodge because the owner is an artist. He has a gallery of his art in the lower part of the building, where there is also a tattoo studio and a resto. Each room has a different theme to it. Rooms start at $12 US or about 100.000 IDR. There are computers and internet available as well.

Metro Guest House: Jl. Prawirotaman 2 No.71 (Mg III/606) Yogyakarta

Description: Metro Guest house, located right in the heart of the Prawirotaman area, is a backpacker’s lifesaver. Rooms here are simple but clean and run as low as 125.000 IDR a night. There is free breakfast and a swimming pool, as well as hot showers, which are hard to find in Yogya at such a low price. With an student-priced café attached as well as an internet café and postal services, this is the perfect place to relax and regroup affordably. You can make reservations directly through the website.

Venezia Homestay: Jl. Tirtodipuran n. 27, Yogyakarta 55153
Tel: +62 274 374 049

Description: Venezia is a homestay, not a hotel. It covers the territory from dorm rooms for 80.000 IDR a night all the way to deluxe rooms for 425.000 a night, and the daily price decreases the longer you stay there. It’s a restaurant and bar as well with free wifi, TV and laundry. This is one of the cheaper places you’ll find in the Prawirotaman area if you feel like you need a break from Sosro.

Resemblance to Venice? Venezia Homestay Yogyakarta

Resemblance to Venice? Venezia Homestay Yogyakarta

Kampoeng Djawa Guest House: Jl. Prawirotaman I/40, Yogyakarta 55153 Indonesia
Phone: (0274) 378 318

Description: Another Prawirotaman gem, Kampoeng Djawa Guest House’s traditional atmosphere gives you the homey feeling you might crave in your travels. It is small and rooms are equipped with fans, ac, hot water and tvs. Room rates: IDR 90.000 – IDR 250,000.

Kampoeng Jawa Guesthouse Yogyakarta

Kampoeng Jawa Guesthouse

Monica Hotel: Jl. Sosrowijayan GT I, No. 192, Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta City / Gedongtengen. Phone : 0274 580598

Description: Monica Hotel is famous among backpackers because of its very visible sign is located right next to the popular Bintang restaurant and bar and right across from the popular hangout spot on the steps of ‘Secret K’. It is situated like a Western motel; very basic clean rooms and fans. Rooms range from about 30.000 IDR to 60.000 normally, but prices do go up during Idul Fitri and other holidays. To top it all off it has my name!

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