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Coffee drinking, the old style

Ha Noi’s Old Coffee-Houses, Sip Back & Let the Mind Wander

By: Phan Thanh Truc Recently, I was lucky enough to take a field trip to Ha Noi, in which I had the opportunity to explore many interesting things. In my experience,...

Hung and Sonia in Paris

Cross-Cultural Couples: Sonia and Hung

By: Diana van Oort Our family of mixed couples is growing bigger and bigger. The Latitudes Cross-Cultural Couples series is a testament to the intermingling of cultures...

Limestone Islands & Illuminated Caves: The Beauty & the Beasts of Halong Bay

By: Gabrielle Yetter This breathtaking bay in the north of Vietnam provides a wonderful taste of nature. Complete with massive limestone islands, fishing villages,...

vietnam hanoi

What to See, Do & Eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

By: Gabrielle Yetter There’s singing in the streets of Hanoi. Around almost every corner in the city’s Old Quarter, you’ll find wooden birdcages hanging from...

Vietnamese film maker Tran Ahn Hung, By: Yan Liang for

Tran Anh Hung: An introduction to the films of a Vietnamese-French maverick director

By: Patrick Durkan Vietnamese film maker Tran Anh Hung has a European arthouse aesthetic and philosophy which he applies to East Asian settings and characters. This...

independence day vietnam

Independence Day Vietnam

On September 2 Vietnam commemorates the Declaration of Independence read out by Ho Chi Minh in 1945. The country was colonized by France from late 19th century. France...