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A Schengen Visa for Asia

Gone are the days of scrambling to get passport photos and running to embassies in different countries. The new visa services by makes applying for visas in Asia a breeze and has taken all the stress and annoyance out of the entire process.

Learning about tourist visa requirements for Asian countries can be messy business, as there isn’t a unified visa system for travelers to refer to. Each country has its own policies, which are usually not properly documented. For most travelers, getting a visa at an embassy has never been a particularly good experience. Therefore, they end up choosing destinations in countries that don’t require visas, to save themselves the hassle.

Back in September 2012, launched a new website to solve these issues. Travelers can now check their visa requirements using online tools that are easy to use. The traveler can easily obtain visa requirement information that is relevant and is made available in his or her own language. A trip planning page then helps summarize everything for easy reference. has also created a new visa application process, which is remarkably simple to use in comparison to government application forms that can be dull and complicated. The form even helps you to check your visa requirements for the country you wish to visit. Travelers can take a picture with their own webcam, make payment online and the approved visa will be sent to them by email. This means visits to embassies are no longer required!


The team behind are based in Malaysia. It all started when the team began developing an online visa system for the government of Cambodia 6 years ago. Eventually, it led to the creation of this project, which encompasses more than 20 countries in Asia and provides secure and reliable visa services for travelers worldwide.

Visa Experience

Getting Asian travel visas just got easier and less bureaucratic

Online Application

Fill up a single application form for all of Asia, it's easy to use and efficient

Application on iPad

Get things done. Even on the move.

Take a passport photo with your webcam and save time

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