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Tiger Singapore

Lion City, Tiger Land: Singapore’s Native Cat on the Brink of Extinction.

By: Morgan Victor A Forgotten Namesake Narrow streams of light penetrate the thick canopy of dense virgin jungle. A small herd of deer stop by a stream for a drink,...

Permaculture in Thailand, By: Suvajack

Permaculture in Southeast Asia: What is it, Who’s Doing it & How does it Help?

By: Monica Dominguez For gardeners experienced and amateur alike, permaculture, an idea developed about 30 years ago, is all the rage. A combination of the words...

Gunung Sewu in Central Java

Magic Mountain: One Man’s Mission to Save Gunung Sewu Through Ecotourism

By: Monica Dominguez “Do you mind if I draw on your map?” Agung Setyobudi makes a huge brown streak across my Yogyakarta map, showing me the area the Gunungsewu...

From afar, the crater of Rinjani looks beautiful and unspoiled, By: Angela Richardson

The Rinjani [Rubbish] Trail: How Lombok’s Majestic Rinjani is Covered in Mountains of Litter!

By: Hush Petersen, published in Jakarta Expat The naturalist John Muir is credited with a quote most mountain climbers have memorised and tend to recite after a few...

sumba map

Andre Graf: a French hot air balloonist turned dedicated well digger on Sumba

By: Jacobus E. Lato Most stories on the Indonesian island of Sumba tell of local kids proudly riding Sandalwoods, the well-known Sumba bred horses across savannas and...

Bunaken underwater splendor

Introduction to Northern Sulawesi

By: Dalih Sembiring The provinces of North Sulawesi and Gorontalo make up most of the Minahasa Peninsula, the northernmost arm of Sulawesi, also known as the island of...

The Hills are Alive in Malaysia: Explore Fraser’s Hill

By: Melissa Lin A favourite get away for locals and visitors alike from the sometimes unbearable heat of the Malaysian sun is Fraser’s hill. Located in Pahang, about...