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The picturesque beach of Ngandong, By: Dorothea Gecella Putri Lestari

Yogya’s Southern Beaches

By: Sri Rahmawati & Vatsya Mallayana Photos by: Dorothea Gecella Putri Lestari 8 a.m. and we started our trip to explore some beaches in Gunung Kidul, the most...

Eco-meetings in Flores, Indonesia

On October 23, the Eco Flores meetings will start in Bajawa. Besides a main conference there will be a combination of workshops and programs concerning the sustainable...

The ubiquitous pile of trash in Yogya, By: Monica Dominguez

Tired of Trash in Yogyakarta: “Let’s Do It Yogya!” Wants to Clean-Up for Good

By: Monica Dominguez If you have ever visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia, you may have seen the plethora of art, music and traditional Javanese culture coloring every...

Tiger Singapore

Lion City, Tiger Land: Singapore’s Native Cat on the Brink of Extinction.

By: Morgan Victor A Forgotten Namesake Narrow streams of light penetrate the thick canopy of dense virgin jungle. A small herd of deer stop by a stream for a drink,...

Bali’s Unique Rice Paddies Unesco World Heritage?

By: Yvette Benningshof The lush green rice paddies of Bali and its unique water management system of subak are under threat. Tourism and water shortages are one of...