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Marrying an Indonesian, happily ever after? By: Roberto TRM

Indonesian Citizenship Concerns for Children from Mixed Marriages

By: Julia Tchezganova, first published in Jakarta Expat The topic of mixed marriages in Indonesia is riddled with a considerable number of legal liabilities,...

Laura - Mixed Asian, Latitudes in the Mix

In the Mix: Meet Half Korean/Part Hawaiian Laura

By: Emma Kwee This new series is a sequel to Cross-cultural couples, a series on mixed relationships we featured the last 2 years. Over 20 couples of mixed cultural...

Gerard and Komang met on Bali and moved to Ameland, where they work in a fish shop.

Cross-Cultural Couples: Gerard and Komang

By: Emma Kwee This next portrait in our cross-cultural couples series came to us from an unexpected corner of the world. Yours truly was enjoying a nice...

Tommy and Leakshmy on their wedding day

Cross-Cultural Couples: Tommy and Leaksmy

By: Gabrielle Yetter Cross-cultural couples is back! After a hiatus we decided to pick it up again and continue this amazing series about the lives, love and ...

Cross-Cultural Couples Valentine’s Special!

By: Emma Kwee It's Valentine's Day, the day that couples all over the world celebrate their love, surprise each other with flowers and chocolates...or forget to and...

Romano and Rochelle

Cross-Cultural Couples: Romano and Rochelle

By: Joan Mae & Emma Kwee Get to know another cross-cultural couple, this time from the Philippine Islands! This couple started out as friends but ended up as...

Rithy and Sylvia, cross-cultural couples

Cross-Cultural Couples: Rithy and Sylvia

By: Abigail Gilbert & Emma Kwee Yes, it’s time to meet yet another cross-cultural couple! Feel free to meet the other couples featured in this series. This time...