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Bromo-East-Java-Indonesia-Dhanni Daelami

Kasada, a Celebration Involving a Volcano & lots of People Throwing Stuff in it!

By: Jack Lato People are divided into two categories in regards to their position in time. People that hang on to the past and those that live for the future; the first...

The present: abandoned poles in an overcrowded cityscape

MRT a Reality? Monorailing Indonesia

By: Jack Lato Jakarta had a plan to build a monorail and abandoned it due to legal and financial difficulties. The pillars were left standing as a testament to big...

Sleeping becak, Eklesia Satyagraha

The Becak Way: a Book by a Jogya Becak Driver

By: Jacobus E. Lato In the heart of Java, in the city of Jogyakarta, Harry van Jogya or Harry in short, is waiting for you. He is a becak driver. He will take you...

Promises are Broken, Heads Roll: the Beheading of Ruyati

By: Jack Lato A PROMISE is a commitment. That's why, a promise coming from a feudalistic authority such as Indonesia’s, remains questionable until proven. Still,...