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Tea plantation in Lembang, West Java, By: Noorman Wijaksana

The Story of Tea in Indonesia

By: Jacobus E. Lato Tea has been a traditional beverage for Indonesians for over 200 years, particularly among village women. Men tend to prefer black coffee;...

Baros, on the west coast of Sumatra

Christianity in Indonesia

By: Antony Sutton No-one can be quite sure when Christianity first reached the Indonesian archipelago. The earliest hint comes from a kind of handbook for early...

A traditional house in Kota Gede, By: Putri Fitria

Kotagede: The Last Heritage of the Mataram Kingdom

By: Putri Fitria A bell was tolling as Kotagede was officially declared a cultural preserve in Yogyakarta by Sultan Hamengku Buwono X a few weeks ago. The quarter...

De Boroboedoer

Yogyakarta and its Hill of Stones

By: Anthony Sutton, published in Jakarta Expat edition 53 Anyone with but the flimsiest knowledge of Indonesia will know the pivotal role Yogyakarta has played. In...