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Tahu isi by Annisa Alwita

Tahu Isi. So easy to prepare

By: Chandra Drews One of my favourite childhood snacks, this stuffed tofu dish is one of the main starts of Indonesian fried street food (gorengan). I mean think...


Baso Recipe: Indonesian Soup with Meatballs the Size of Tennisballs!

By: Aisah Wolfard September is Food Month. We kicked off with a nice story on krupuk. Now let's go into some real special dishes. One of the most popular streetfood...

If you like spicy food, you should definitely try sambal

Experience food in Indonesia

When expats make plans of going to Indonesia, they usually imagine the busy streets of Jakarta, with their vibrant atmosphere and traces of colonial history, or...

pepes ikan mas

Fishy food: Pepes Ikan

By: Jack Lato Goldfish make excellent pets. They don't scratch your furniture, poo on your carpet or steal your food. In Indonesia however, animals only become ...

mie aceh

Mie Aceh Recipe

By: Kafil Yamin Get somebody to chat about Aceh’s separatism or political issues, he or she might instantly frown or shrug off in reluctance. But take him/her to...

Gado gado, By: Monica Arellano-Ongpin

A Gado-Gado Recipe while Dreaming about a Mansion

By: Jacobus E. Lato September is Food Month at Latitudes. After Krupuk and Baso now it's time to learn about Gado-Gado, a popular vegetable mix. Gado-Gado is an...

Smooth but fiery Tongseng Kambing, By: Aisah Wolfard

Tongseng Kambing: Spicy Goat in a Smooth but Fiery Curry

By: Aisah Wolfard Tongseng Kambing is best enjoyed in the rainy season especially in the evening. Tongseng includes a lot of indonesian herbs and spices, giving this...


Begedil Recipe

By: Erna Dyanty One of the many snacks I love to make is the Begedil. Potato patties with minced meat. Variations of this patty are found in several Southeast Asian...

Ready-to-be-eaten Kerak Telor, by: Rani Yunus

Kerak Telor Recipe – A Traditional Betawi Recipe

By: Rani Yunus Indonesia has a rich culinary tradition where every region offers its own traditional food. The Betawi, as the natives of Jakarta are called, have...