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She came into the world deformed and unwanted

Sometimes the pitiful condition of a particular child hits you particularly hard. Amelia, born on the 3rd of June this year gets under my skin. She was born prematurely,...

Picking tea Java

The Java Village Foundation

The Java Village Foundation supports women and children in desa Cisarua, Indonesia, helping them to break the circle of poverty and to build a brighter future for...

Cambodian baby

Roasting and Steaming in Cambodia: Traditional Health Practices for Pregnant Women

By: Gabrielle Yetter When Chan Moniroth delivered her first child this July, she wasn’t able to wash her hair for a month after the birth. She also had to inhale...

Philippines food: Enjoy the cuisine but don't risk your health, By: Niko

Health Concerns in the Philippines

By: Karina Melissa Y. Ibabao Travelers looking to travel to the Philippines, should be aware of the destination’s main health issues and risks. The Philippines is a ...

Robin Lim, By: Miyoshi Masato

CNN Hero of the Year: Bali based Guerrilla Midwife ‘Ibu’ Robin Lim!

By: Yvette Benningshof In the small clinic of Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth) in Bali Robin Lim (55) flies around like a busy bee. Driven by the strong belief that...

Third Bali Pink Ribbon Walk

Join the Bali Pink Ribbon Walk and help raise money for Bali’s breast cancer charity. Walk in memory of a loved one, or for someone who is battling cancer, or just to...