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Bali’s Galungan food 26 December-5 January

By: Mila Shwaiko I was born on the day before Galungan, the most important religious festival in the Balinese calendar, which marks the ten-day period when deified...


Bali Ceremonies

Bali is renowned for its bright and richly cultural ceremonies, and any visitor who spends more than a few days on the island will be certain to see some kind of temple...

Sanur Bersatu  jl. Hang Tua  Denpasar

The Macho Face of a Balinese Holy Day

Some time ago I posted an article on about billboards displaying best wishes for the celebration of the Balinese religious ceremonies Galungan &...

A family praying at the big temple of Sidemen

Galungan Ceremonies and Cockfights in Bali

One of the big events in Bali is Galungan, an important Hindu religious day celebrating victory of good over evil. People in traditional clothes pray and bring lots of...

The massive billboard of Gerindra, By: Sita van Bemmelen

Sita’s stories: Billboards & Banners on Bali

By: Sita van Bemmelen Indonesia entered a new phase in its existence as a nation in 1998, when President Suharto stepped down as the result of massive protests...