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Book on State Palaces in Indonesia


by Asti Kleinsteuber

There are many palaces in West Java, in Yogjakarta/Central Java and one in Tampaksiring in Bali. Only the palace in Bali is purely Indonesian and has been built by the first President Sukarno, the other five are historical buildings from the old days of the Netherlands Indies. They are all perfectly well maintained and in daily use by the President and his family for residential purposes and the state for official functions and state administration.

Asti Kleinsteuber received the exclusive permit by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to hold extensive photographic sessions in all palaces and gardens, therefore all the charm and grace of all these extraordinary places is presented for the first time in one volume.

A thorough introduction prepares the setting, guides the reader through the times when these palaces came into life, giving the opportunity to become familiar with historical circumstances or eminent persons and important events which are now part of Indonesia’s history.

Hundreds of wonderful and impressive photographs in full color cover not only the buildings, but also art collections, including paintings, statues, antiques as well as old photographs from the old days. The coffeetable book is written in two languages, Indonesian and English and printed on art paper.




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