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17,000 Islands of Imagination

Features a perspective of Indonesia few have seen: from the air.

From the window of a commercial airliner in flight, Indonesia is a carpet of green fields and blue seas. But from a low-flying aircraft, details on the ground are clearly visible, while the vantage point is sufficiently lofty to encompass the full splendor of trackless forests, towering volcanic cones, and endless sea, the pride of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

The Limited-Edition book presents the natural grandeur of the land and sea of Indonesia in a stunning collection of photographs taken from the photographer’s custom-made microlight.

It portrays Indonesia’s vast and rich beauty to the world as one will be taken to “fly” across its lands, seas and thousands of its islands along the equator. A book that takes one’s imagination to freely glide and define all aspects of life beyond such beauty.

Thousand of islands to imagine. One amazing book to view at

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