June 11, 2014
by Prima Ayu

The Best Surfing Spots in Bali: A Top 5 from Beginners to Pro Surfers

By: Prima Ayu

Surfboards for rent on Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

Surfboards for rent on Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

Bali is not just a tropical getaway and a honeymoon hotspot, it’s also a paradise for surfers! Bali and the surrounding islands have some great surfing beaches, with beach breaks for beginners and huge barrels for the pro’s.

You need to know the characteristics of the waves to find a surfing spot that fits your level so you don’t end up in a whirlpool of thundering waves. Here are the best five surfing spots in Bali based on their level of difficulty.

In all cases: Respect the local surfers (don’t drop in before them) and be careful around shallow water!

Surfing in Bali: From Uluwatu to Kuta Beach

Surfing Kuta Beach: Beginner-Intermediate

The easiest and most beginner friendly beach to try your surfing skills is Kuta beach. The beach is close to the nightlife and tourist center of Legian, hence the beach is always crowded. As a surfing spot, Kuta is very appropriate for beginners. The soft tide and average height of the waves make it a good first step for beginner to try out white water surfing (surfing the waves after they break and roll towards the beach). The good thing here is that there are plenty of lifeguards on the lookout, might you get into trouble (the undertow can get quite strong). Also, it might be a good idea to follow a surfing lesson (just ask one of the surfing dudes renting out boards at Kuta beach). For experts, Kuta beach’s swell will be to easy to defeat.

Decent waves at Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

Decent waves at Kuta beach, By: Prima Ayu

Splash out at Canggu, By: Meq

Splash out at Canggu, By: Meq

Surfing Canggu: Beginner-Intermediate

Canggu beach is slightly more challenging, depending on the tide. Canggu is located close to Seminyak, about 30 minutes from Kuta. Canggu is a popular spot to surf just for everyone, both experienced surfers and beginners surf in Canggu. There is a variety of beach and reef breaks, with a few soft rolling waves that are ideal for beginners and some fast, rippable peaks, for experts. Canggu will be a place to have a relaxing surf with waves that aren’t that extreme (but can get rather fast!). But, when the tide is up, it can be a real challenge even for the professionals. For beginners, Canggu is also a friendly beach. The soft waves and medium tide makes learning how to surf more fun. It’s usually more quiet than in Kuta, there’s a warung that sells some snacks, but that’s about it.

Keramas Launch, By: Meq

Keramas Launch, By: Meq

Surfing Keramas: Intermediate-Expert

Keramas beach is located passed Sanur, in the direction of Gianyar. This once secret hide-away is now one of the most popular surf spots on Bali. Keramas has an excellent reefbreak, and one of the few rights on Bali. It is definitely a wave for professional surfers. Keramas beach promises constant waves and a big swell, as long as you get up early, after 07.00 a.m the onshore wind might affect the barrel. The end section gets really shallow and you should be careful with the sharp reef and annoying sea urchins. The location makes this beach less crowded compared to the others, so, if you’re looking for a world-class wave without having to battle to stand up on your board, Keramas is the place to be.

surfing Bali

Uluwatu, under the right circumstances a surfers paradise, By: Wisnu Leonardus

Surfing Uluwatu: Intermediate-Expert

Mysterious Uluwatu is the next spot to try. Go to the Uluwatu temple and walk down the reef through the famous cave. Be prepared for the reef and take reef booties and a good leash. Uluwatu might be the most famous wave in Bali and hence is always crowded. There’s always some swell and there are several waves to try. The Peak, in front of the cave is the most consistent. Racetracks is good for tube riders. Outside Corner only works with big swells or low tide. Uluwatu is only for intermediate surfers, be careful at high tide to make it back to the cave. Uluwatu has several risks that include shallow water, reefs and lots and lots of other surfers. Uluwatu is especially crowded in the high waves seasons around August to September. See how it’s done by Made Lana, a Balinese surf god (from the movie Black Market Bali):

Surfing Padang-Padang: Expert

Padang-Padang beach maybe the most famous surfing beach in Bali, nicknamed the Balinese Pipeline. You will find Padang-Padang on the Bukit Peninsula, opposite of the Padang Padang bridge. There are a lot of surfing competitions held in Padang-Padang. This ‘gnarly’ left hand point is strictly for professional surfers because this is the most dangerous and probably the most hollow wave in Bali. The size ranges from 4 to 12 feet (don’t even try entering the water in the latter case!) Things to be cautious with include shallow water (coral) and fellow surfers (Padang-Padang gets seriously busy). Luckily there is also a gentle right hand wave that breaks on the beach here, a great beginners wave, especially at high tide. This next video shows you some world class surfing at Padang-Padang and pretty much also the way how to get there;-)

14 Responses to The Best Surfing Spots in Bali: A Top 5 from Beginners to Pro Surfers

    • Love that last video and the music too! Wish I could surf like that, instead of constantly drowning like a cat with a brick on her back...
    • Kramas is fun! The beach there, and in Mascetti as well, is still very quiet. International surfing contests are being held there every year. Mascetti is good for beginners.
      • hi there where is mascettti where is kramas we are wanting to go to bali but i cant surf barrels etc i am a longboarder and want gentle waves please help if you know
        • Hi Cherlylee, Bali's best and most consistent longboard wave is Medewi on the West coast of the island. Keramas is near Sanur.
      • Hi, Looking for a nice spot to surf (beginner/semi beginner) with one adult and 2 kids age 14/15/16 years old and Yoga. Periode 15 JULY 2014-23/24 JULI, please advice if you know were to hire a nice house or good accommodation. So that if you are a beginner you can get surf lessons (Kuta, Canggu Mascetti beach) preferable with swimming pool.
    • My daughter and I are planning a trip to Bali in Nov. We would like to learn to surf as well as yoga. We have a limited budget . Any good suggestions for accomations as well. Thanks
    • Hi Nancy, just drop by at Kuta beach near Circle K mini market. They have nice benches to have a cheap cup of coffee. Ask anyone for surf lessons and you will be helped. Nearby are budget hotels, wifi cafes, launderettes. In fact everything you need!
    • Hi, I am not a beginner surfer but certainly not an expert. I have surfed in Hawaii every year for a a week or 2 for the past 10 years and started to learn right before I left when I lived there. I am used to reef from Hawaii and faster speeds but also am not that experienced and would like to make sure I am not in over my head. I was watching Uluwatu years ago when I visited 18 years ago but was not a surfer than so not really good reference. I am looking for a nice place to stay as well that is in a fun area (not noisy raging partys but an area with good culture and vibes) that will allow me to just wake up and go surf. I will also be going in January... don't know what the waves will be like then. Any suggestions? Perhaps keramas or uluwatu? How far apart are they? Please let me know. thanks.
    • Hi. I'm beginner-indermediate surfer (unfit, under-practiced, but lots of time in the water). I am Looking for beginner-indermediate surf on the EAST COAST for December-JAnuary- close to Yoga is best for my girlfriend - and the less paddling the better (i.e. not through caves and 10 minute paddle outs). Does anyone know about Levana and Gila islands for surf?? Any help is appreciated ALso are Surfboards cheaper to buy in Bali?? Thanks :)
      • Hey Zac, I'm very much the same heading over soon let me know how u get on, if u find any good spots, 30 unfit and still trying :)
    • Good post. This is very important to me that only a novice surfer. Indeed there are some particular good spot for beginners who are still learning. because the surf spot will not give much trouble compared surf spot for the professional surfer. And this is to be in the know when someone will do in Bali surfing activities. I've heard that Bali has many varied selection of surf spots, and will certainly provide a challenge and experience erbeda anyway. Nice info. thanks. http://www.odysseysurfschool.com/bali-surfing-information/bali-surfing-for-beginners/

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