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Balangan Beach, By: Nate Robert

Bali’s Hidden Beaches: Some of Bali’s Least Visited, Most Stunning Beaches!

By: Prima Frambawati

Bali beaches are a playground for sunbathers, surfers and hawkers. Kuta beach offers quite the spectacle, but isn’t the most tranquil beach you’ll ever see. Massage ladies wait in the shadows for potential customers, people selling crossbows and other ‘Balinese’ souvenirs wander from one tourist to another. Pretending to sleep is a trick that only temporarily works. Open one eye and you will be covered in batik, bracelets, temporary tattoos and pineapples.

Busy Kuta beach, By: Chris McAtominey

Busy Kuta beach, By: Chris McAtominey

An escape into the water will surely cool you off, but watch out for the surfers of varying aptitude (Kuta beach is a favored spot for grommets trying to catch their first wave). Dodging surfers racing towards you is a sport in itself, but maybe not your cup of tea.

Luckily there are plenty of beaches on Bali. Beaches that are tranquil, offer spectacular vistas and have hardly any tourists on them. Here a list of Bali’s best hidden beaches:

Bingin Beach

Bingin beach is located in Uluwatu, on the Bukit peninsula in between Kuta and Sanur. Reaching the beach is not that easy, because its is quite remote. The best way to get there is to take a cab or rent a motorcycle. You need to hike a small rocky pathway. It’s worth it though, because the beach is very beautiful and usually fairly quiet. Bingin is also very appropriate for surfing and some small scale surfing contests are organized here irregularly.

Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is located just next to the famous Dreamland beach that is getting more and more crowded. Dreamland was once a remote and unknown spot only known to some insiders. Now, daily bus tours drop off a fresh load of tourists every day. Around 5 they are picked up again and you can get a glimpse of what Dreamland used to be.

Balangan Beach, By: Nate Robert

Balangan Beach, By: Nate Robert

Balangan beach is still like that. It hasn’t been built on that much, only some simple wooden structures offer snacks and refreshments. So, it is still very natural and not many tourists come to visit the beach because not many know it exists. The beach is sandy and in parts a bit rocky with very clear turquoise water. The views are amazing and the peace and quiet will appeal to anyone looking for that true holiday feeling.

Impossible Beach

Impossible beach is located next to Balangan beach. They are located in the same beach line of southern Bali. A downhill hike will bring you to one of the least visited but most stunning beaches of Bali. The great thing is that you can camp here, and enjoy the surroundings without anyone interrupting you. Impossible beach makes that distant dream of your own private beach a reality.

Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi beach is located, again, in Uluwatu, in an area named Jimbaran, mostly known for it’s colony of seaside seafood restaurants. Just another wonderful beach to name it is Tegal Wangi beach.

Tegal Wangi Beach, By:BeeAmazing

Tegal Wangi Beach, By:BeeAmazing

If you want to discover wonderful beaches just stay in Jimbaran. Tegal Wangi is not the only beautiful beach to discover here. You can access a lot of beautiful beaches by just following the coastline. Some have names, others don’t. Tegal Wangi is a white sand beach, clear blue water and some some rocks and seaweed to top it all off.

This list only mentioned some beaches in south Bali. There are plenty of stunning beaches in all other wind directions, from the peaceful pebble beaches in east Bali, to the volcanic black beaches in north Bali, beach life comes in many different guises in Bali. you’re into surfing, read our guide to the best surf-spots in Bali. It features some stunning beaches as well. For diving, read Emma’s diving blog!

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