Tags: Ecology
September 6, 2012
by Latitudes

Hope in a Javanese Oil Field

By: Nico Haryono

The newborn rays of the sun touch the infertile hills of the village of Wonocolo, Bojonegoro. A pair of sturdy legs move, the toes step and sink into the mud. The muscled hands tightly clutch a lath beam bundled to a strand of steel wire. Inspired screaming sounds several times, and the six men move together to pull the steel wire. From the end of wire placed on the well, the cylinder of 7 metres moves then Saparlan holds the end of a nozel-cylinder and throws the substance up to the drums.

The thick brown liquid they call lantung is caught in a bigger receiving station which is burried in the ground. The gallons of lantung or crude oil is then cooked during 4 to 5 hours to make solar (diesel). The steam of the cooking process is chilled so it transforms into pure petrol and is poured into containers, ready to sell to their subscribed collector. The men manage to collect 4 drums of diesel a day, priced at about 300.000 rupiah per drum. The profit is divided between the 10 to 15 members of the group.

February 14, 2012
by Ario Triwibowo

XSProject: Recycling Plastic, Supporting People

By: Ario Triwibowo

XSProject is a non-profit organization that uses its surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than to distribute them as profit or dividends. Their first objective is conserving the environment. By reusing waste and selling it as products, they are able to reduce to amount of waste piling up in Jakarta. A certain percentage of profit earned is used for a scholarship given to the children of the associated trash pickers, and another percentage is for purchasing materials, tools and labor.