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Win +: The Next Step

by Gerard Nass

Over the last period we informed you about plans to support welfare foundations by Latitudes Media, which is the team behind the portal Therefore we searched for health care networks in order to help raise funds among enterprises that feel attached to the projects involved.  For digital marketing we wanted to use our social media know how and our extended network of talented young journalists in Indonesia and abroad. Also we launched a small-scale project that offers our writers in Indonesia (learning) experience, training and a moderate income. A bigger plan to set up  Latitudes Media Center, which was discussed with our allies in Indonesia and Netherlands, turned out to be somewhat too ambitious for the time being. This will be picked up later on. However we will continue our initiative yet on another basis. Instead of initiating projects we will link to other, similar initiatives and projects. For that purpose we shall monitor all relevant developments concerning welfare projects and new media within our focus regions. And we call for partnership in our field of knowledge, network and expertise.

Our portal, meanwhile, will focus on its main topics: culture, human interest and lifestyle. Articles on Win + projects will become an integrated part of the web content. Our team will continue to publish new contributions on welfare projects. For instance to be expected: a great story on a new project for the disabled in Thailand. Contributions from our readers remain welcome. Please keep us posted on anything concerning media and welfare in Southeast Asia!

Hope to see you all again soon. My best wishes for 2016 to all our visitors, especially those of Latitudes Win +

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