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The Hills are Alive in Malaysia: Explore Fraser’s Hill

By: Melissa Lin

A favourite get away for locals and visitors alike from the sometimes unbearable heat of the Malaysian sun is Fraser’s hill. Located in Pahang, about 105 km North of Kuala Lumpur, Frasers hill is nestled in the bosom of the Titiawangsa mountain range.

Fraser’s hill was named after a Scottish trader, Louis James Fraser who mysteriously disappeared in the dense forest. At the end of the 19th Century, he had discovered rich tin deposits in the forested mountains. A route was established to transport precious metals and some people believe, opium down to the town of Raud for trade. A British search team went looking for Fraser with no avail, instead they stumbled upon a hill retreat, which they turned into a resort.

Exploring Fraser’s Hill

When you arrive on Fraser’s hill in the town center, in the middle stands an Old English Clock tower. This iconic symbol frames the small commercial center, which has restaurants, public facilities and local wet and dry markets selling different sorts of provisions and foodstuffs.

A lush valley, Frasers hill is replete not only with a deliciously cool atmosphere, it has various attractions to satisfy people of different inclinations. Nature lovers will find the rainforest of Frasers hill pristine and teeming with a rich diversity of wildlife, both flora and fauna. The forest in Fraser’s hill is of the lower Montane variety, of vibrant green moss, lichen and epiphytes. The trails leading into the rainforest vary from the easy, such as the Abu Suradi, Mager and Rompin trails, with broad well define paths free of buttresses and rocks. The experienced hiker up for a challenge might find the pine tree Hill route, which is a series of peaks up and down leading from Frasers to the summit of Pine Tree Hill, more to their liking. The forests of Fraser’s hill are also a favorite spot for birdwatchers. The Annual International bird race is held here, (a race to spot as many bird species as possible) as many as 254 species of birds, from the silver eared Mesia to the Long tailed Sibia being some of the more commonly spotted species.

There are several waterfalls, streaming refreshing and clear mountain water around Fraser’s hill. There is Jeriau waterfalls, 4 kms away from the town center and Telaga Waterfalls, 15 km away. Other waterfalls include Lata Berembun, Jeram Besu , Lata Jarum and Lata Lembik.

Lodging Facilities at Fraser’s Hill

For an authentic experience into the heart of the charm of Fraser’s hill, a stay in one of the old Colonial bungalows or rustic English cottages is a must. Most of the old stone cottages feature original fireplaces and well tended gardens, some also serve a traditional English breakfast. Camping sites are available for those who prefer to keep their ear close to the ground. Catch and release fishing is another way to enjoy the tranquility of nature at Fraser’s hill.

For those who enjoy a round of golf, there is the Royal Fraser’s hill Golf Club. There are also a couple of Tennis courts, and boating at Allan’s Water, an old reservoir turned boating area.

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