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Balangan Beach, By: Nate Robert

Bali’s Hidden Beaches: Some of Bali’s Least Visited, Most Stunning Beaches!

By: Prima Frambawati Bali beaches are a playground for sunbathers, surfers and hawkers. Kuta beach offers quite the spectacle, but isn’t the most tranquil beach...

Balinese Nasi Campur (mixed rice) with Ayam Betutu (spiced chicken) & vegetables in Denpasar Bali, By: Gunkarta

Balinese Food: Some Balinese Culinary Treats you have to Try

By: Prima Frambawati Visiting Bali is simply not complete if you don’t explore the Balinese cuisine. The Indonesian stereotype is that Balinese are too busy...

The entrance to Sehati Guesthouse in Ubud

Ubud Guesthouses & Homestays: Rice Paddy Views to Remember

By: Prima Frambawati Ubud is widely regarded as the cultural capital of Bali. It is also host to international events like the yearly International Ubud Writers and ...

Tattooed backs at a ceremony, By: Rollan Budi

Get Inked: Kuta Tattoo Guide

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is a place where you can fulfil any desire, featuring the perfect holiday combination of beach life and entertainment. Kuta is the hotspot...

Hotel Lusa Kuta

Budget Hotels in Kuta: Sleep cheap in Kuta, Bali

By: Prima Frambawati Kuta is where you most probably will end up when visiting Bali. The place is sprawling with cheap hostels, called losmen in Indonesian. There are...