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Iskandar: a bellwether for improving relations between Singapore and Malaysia?

By: John Solomon A Thorny Past While never escalating any issue to a bout of saber rattling, Singapore and Malaysia have not always enjoyed what one could describe as a...

Land Scarcity & Heritage Conservation in Singapore: Bukit Brown Cemetery

By: John Solomon Plans to destroy a section of Bukit Brown Cemetery The Singapore Government recently announced plans to tear down a sizeable chunk of Bukit Brown...

Traditional media & online communities collide in Singapore, By: Michael Coghlan

Davids and Goliaths: Singapore’s Changing Media Landscape

By: John Solomon Much has already been said about the sweeping changes that have come over Singapore’s political landscape in the wake of the last general ...

Decapitation in Har Par Villa, By: John Solomon

Singapore’s Har Par Villa: The strangest Tourist Attraction in Singapore

By: John Solomon Quite possibly one of the strangest visitor attractions in Singapore, Har Par Villa stands as a relic from a much older period in the island’s...