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Christmas in the Philippines, By: Bryan Miraflor

Christmas in the Philippines – A testament of tropical rejoicing!

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan The Philippines, being the only Christian nation in the whole of Asia, takes joy in the celebration of the Yuletide Season. It is the time...

Puto Bumbong, By: Joanne Escobar

Filipino Christmas Recipe: Puto Bumbong

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan Your Christmas in the Philippines won’t be complete without being able to taste the locals’ signature rice cake. It is named after the...

Julius Lu and Ruby Jane Mascariñas-Lu and Lucho

Julius Lu and Ruby Jane Mascariñas-Lu: Art, Love and Silence

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan In this world filled with noise and words, two people found another path to express love… the path of silence. Both hearing and speech...

Miguel Braganza

Miguel Braganza’s Journey to Broadway

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan Miguel Braganza II, a New York-based performing artist hailing from the Philippines, looks back to the days when he was still chasing his ...

The perfect breakfast: TAPSILOG, By: Shubert Ciencia

Filipino meals: Isa pa (One more), please!

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan Filipinos are food lovers! They take regular meals thrice a day; one in the morning (around 8:00 am), another at noon (12:00 nn), and one...

Do ride a Jeepney when in the Philippines, By: Leo Seta

Do’s and Don’ts when in the Philippines!

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan As in any country, there are unwritten rules and customs that you have to go with when you are in the Republic of the Philippines. Below...

Señor Santo Niño de Cebu

The Sinulog Festival in the Philippines: PIT SENYOR & Grateful Hearts!

By: Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan PIT SENYOR! The Sinulog Festival is one of the most interesting times of the year for Filipinos; especially for the devotees of the Holy...

Romano and Rochelle

Cross-Cultural Couples: Romano and Rochelle

By: Joan Mae & Emma Kwee Get to know another cross-cultural couple, this time from the Philippine Islands! This couple started out as friends but ended up as...